Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Parents Trip: Day 4 (going home)

So, after a wonderful time of not being on a schedule, soaking up one another and relaxing... our last day started pretty much the way I thought it would... with me ready to get home to our babies ;-) 
Before we left, we watched this beautiful sunrise one more time...

We were packed and on our way around 8am. We headed to Victorias (from day 2) for breakfast. We were not as impressed on day 2, but it was just fine.
On the way home, I took advantage of Jeff being a captive audience and read a few chapters of "Shepherding a Childs Heart" to him. He was thrilled. HA! We did have some good discussion, though... until it looked like he would voluntarily run under the next tractor trailer if I started to read another chapter. I thought maybe I should stop at that point. ;-)
So I took a nap. And made him promise that when we got to Thompson, he would stop for me to get some sausage.
Well, lets just say, he woke me at Madison. My words to him were "Thompson is about 30-45 min BEFORE we get to madison... I"m not sure exactly... just keep your eyes out and let me know". And all he heard was Madison. I swear... he has such selective hearing! Grrrr....

We ended up only stopping once on the way home... and it was about 5 min from home ONLY because I thought my bladder was absolutely going to explode and I couldnt go another minute. I'm telling you, I was ready to see my babies!!! We made it from Myrtle Beach to our house in 5 hours flat. Wow.

The kids were napping when we got home (at 2pm) so we thanked my mom (who had kept them Sunday-Monday) and got unpacked, grabbed a bite for lunch (but I wasnt that hungry b/c i ate my leftover crabcake from dinner the night before on the way home!) and rested up before the kids got up.

And oh, were they surprised and HAPPY to see us! The feeling was mutual!
It was a beautiful day, so we played outside, with our neighbors little grandaughter (who they are raising).
How cute are these babies?!
My little climbing boy!

I ADORE my husband. He's pretty great! And I love our time alone! But I just cant get enough of these sweet babies of mine! (I'll remind myself of that when I'm ready for another escape in a few months! HA!)

Thank you to our fabulous parents who took great care of Rhyan and Mack while we were gone. We are truly blessed to be able to spend time alone and not worry about our kids having a great time!

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