Monday, December 10, 2012

New Years Resolution Help! (Plus and Awesome incentive!!!)

I'm super excited about this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
*Read ALL THE WAY TO THE END for a second incentive~!!!
My friend, Emily, is hosting a New Year/New You Biggest Loser Competition!!! 

Most of us make it a yearly goal to lose weight, be healthier and fit into some old clothes. The problem is that most of us dont really have a defined WAY to make sure those goals happen! So, I have a solution!

I recently shared my story about how Advocare's 24 day challenge brought me down from a size 9 back to a 6 and I hit my pre-first-pregnancy weight :-) Well, I'm serious about wanting others to experience the same great results and to feel like their "old self" again. 

Ready to join in the Biggest Loser Competition? Here's how it's going to work:
  • Anyone who orders the 24 Day Challenge from me directly or my site is eligible to join us for the Biggest Loser Competition!
  • You must START your Challenge on Monday Jan 7th
  • Sometime between midnight and 11:59 PM EST on Jan 7th you must text me a picture of your start weight (with your full name in case I don't have you saved in my phone!). Just take a picture of your feet on the scale showing the number! You can facebook me or email me at for my cell number!
  • Sometime between midnight and 11:59 PM on Jan 31st text me another picture of you on your scale showing your weight at the end of the challenge!
  • The biggest loser based on PERCENTAGES will be the winner and Emily will personally send you a $100 check! Who wouldn't like to start of the new year with some extra cash???
If you've been thinking about doing the Challenge for awhile...This is a great opportunity to do it  :) If you've already done it and it's been 90 days you can do it again! Great way to continue on the path to meet your goals :)

Also (this goes without saying...) NONE of your results will be made public or shared with ANYONE else unless you choose to do so! I will not share the pictures you send me with ANYONE and will simply use them to put together a spread sheet to figure out the winner :)
I'm also excited about Advocare's new DVD workout series. Each workout is 24 minutes... who cant find 24 minutes in their day?!?!?! I love Jillian Michael's 30 day shred which is also about 25 minutes so it will be nice to have some variety of booty kickin DVD's!

You can watch a preview of the video here...the timing is PERFECT to order it before starting our challenges on Jan 7th!!! It will really give you an edge to being the WINNER!

What are YOUR goals for the new year??? Let's get a group together and have some big results for the 24 Day Challenge in Jan!!! I'm SUPER excited about it and can't wait to see who will join me and who will win the cash!!!!

If you're interested in purchasing a challenge I recommend to totally sign up for the membership first. I wish we'd done it and I encourage everyone to do it now b/c why not start saving money from Day 1??? And get enough free Spark to drink 2 a day for your challenge if you want??? It's a flat $79 fee to become a member and then you get 20% off for life and they send you $50 worth of free product! Once you sign up you get your own website and can start ordering from there right away!!! You can sign up for a membership by clicking HERE!!!

I also recommend doing the Challenge TOGETHER! Got a husband? Significant other? Room mate? While all of us doing it together is gonna be awesome...It just makes sense to do the Challenge with whomever you share your home with. You're gonna be eating better, why not have the whole family involved with that? Why not help each other stay on track and get awesome results together?
If you'd like to purchase a challenge without joining the membership you can do that by clicking HERE (I prefer the chocolate mocha shake, Jeff likes plain Chocolate!):

Since Emily did the challenge for nursing moms for her first challenge and Advocare doesn't sell a bundle package of that like they do for the legit challenge, she figured out how to bundle it herself! If you're wanting to get your body baby ready while trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are nursing you can purchase your version of the 24 Day Challenge by simply contacting me! (and yes, anyone wanting to do the nursing challenge can still totally be in our Biggest Loser Competition!).

SO, here's my EXTRA Incentive!!!
The winner of those who order through me will receive $50! 

PLUS! (yes, this is like an infomercial... haha... BUT WAIT, THERE's MORE!!! lol)...

My friend, Danielle (who is super passionate about health!) is offering an ADDITIONAL $50 to my winner!!

Think about those odds for a minute! If there are a total of say 25 people who do this together (between Emily, myself and 3 other distributors) you have a one in 25 chance of winning $200! That is MORE THAN THE COST OF THE CHALLENGE!!! You would MAKE money to lose weight! WOW!
But if 8 of those who do the challenge are people who order from me, you have a one in 8 chance of winning AT LEAST $100!!! Because Danielle and I are offering MY winner $50 each! Thats MORE than half of the cost!!! 

And remember, it will be based on PERCENTAGES!!! Not just lbs... so dont think that if you only have a few pounds to lose that you cant win... ANYONE can win... of ANY SIZE!

I also want to mention something that I think is so important regarding my challenge. I have NOT been the healthiest/most perfect eater. Ever. But the weight that I lost via this challenge, I have KEPT off. Meaning? While a lot of weight loss programs help you to lose water weight and you put it right back on, I truly lost FAT! I've not gained even half of a pound back! Thats a big deal, people. :-)

So, will you join the crew and jump in and DO SOMETHING about your resolution? I doubt that we will ever offer a total of $200 to winners again! So get on it already! Lets get HEALTHY! And look and feel great!    

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