Monday, December 17, 2012

Parent Trip: 2012

If it seems like all I've done since the end of September is travel, believe me, I agree! I have been SO blessed to take some FUN weekend trips in the latter part of this year :-)

Jeff and I started talking back in the beginning of the year about the possibility of re-visiting Myrtle Beach again this year for him to run the 1/2 marathon there. We talked to his parents about whether or not they would want to go together again, and after a lot of debating back and forth, they decided to offer to stay home and keep our kids! Say WHAAAA?!?!!?!?

Um, yes please! Dont get me wrong, I LOVE traveling with my in-laws. They're great vacationing buddies.
But the idea of a weekend alone. With my husband. And no children? Well, it thrilled and terrified me!
I've never left mack! And only left Rhyan a couple of short nights (well, plus when I had mack...). 
But I kept thinking of sleeping in. And sleeping all night long without babies crying with teeth hurting.
And I reluctantly agreed :-)

We decided to head out on Friday after Jeff got out of school. The kids were down for a nap. I remember putting them down for naps and almost crying at the thought of not seeing their sweet faces for 3 days!
However, I quickly recovered and got packed up :-) HA!

We made it about half way and found ourselves getting close to Columbia, where Jeff's aunt Gaye lives. We were starving so I texted her to see if she was up for a last minute dinner. She was super busy at work (She's the president of a company... all important like that!) but Jeff said "whats the fun in being the boss if you cant give yourself some dinner privileges... " and then promised her that she could make some pitch to us about her company while we were there so she could call it a "work" dinner :-)
You KNOW you're in for some good food when the menu looks like that!!!
Pig In, please :-)
Jeff's plate
And mine. Shrimp and grits. Mmmmm.
We always have such a great time with Aunt Gaye! She is such a treasure. (and SINGLE for any law-abiding, successful, Jesus loving, handsome contributing members of society near Columbia... lol) Dont kill me for saying that Aunt Gaye!!! :-)
Aunt Gaye asked where we were staying which reminded me that we didnt have a place to stay :-) So i texted Emily and asked her if she would find us a place. LOL. She was all like "you seriously dont have a place yet?!". I like to live on the wild side. And I"m a bit of a procrastinator :-)

Thanks to Em, we stayed at a place ON the beach for $59 a night :-) Woohoo! It wasnt the fanciest, but it was clean-ish :-) Haha
And it had a pool.... which was too cool for me to swim in (although Jeff said it wasnt bad. maybe it was heated?) and an indoor pool, as well.
We got to our hotel around 9pm, got settled in and hit the hay. We were tired! :-)
It really was fun just to get to be together, not worry about kids needing to stop to go potty or being tired of being in their carseats, etc... I forget what its like to ride child free. Believe it or not, we were pretty quiet part of the way. We love to talk, but sometimes, silence is golden :-)

More coming!

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