Monday, April 14, 2014


This is going to be brief. Not because it doesnt deserve to be longer... but because I just cant recount everything. Its too hard.

Mommie fell in Dec 2011 and broke her knee cap. And so began a downward spiral. My biggest fear when she fell (and I stated this to Jeff) was that with the elderly one fall can be the beginning of the end. Sound morbid? Well it is. But its also true. And I've never been overly pessimistic or optimistic... I'm a realist.

The next 2 years were a roller coaster. As many of you saw from my posts on fb, Mommie struggled through the majority of 2012 with 13 hospitalizations, some of which were for a period of close to a month or more. It was so hard to see her struggle. She has always been so strong.

2013 turned around a bit for her and honestly, I remember last year as a pretty decent one considering everything she had gone through the year before.
She had some rough spots but we actually got to enjoy some of the holidays of last year together with Mommie feeling ok. Not great, mind you, but considering she had literally come extremely closer to dying in 2012, she felt pretty ok. She returned to her old self as meds helped get dementia under control. She regained a little strength after her stroke. She just is such a fighter.

And Christmas... she didnt seem to feel very good for the beginning of the night but as the evening went on she seemed to perk up and we had a nice time.

Mommie went into the hospital late Dec and was released early Jan. One one of my visits to the hospital with her, it was one of the best chats we had enjoyed in a long time. She was just truly "Mommie". She asked me to help bathe her, which I did, and we joked about some things that happen as we get old and she warned me that my fate, too, would include sagging skin and wrinkles ;-).

She came home from the hospital and I ordered her a caramel cake that she had been wanting. We shared a couple more great visitis. Truly really good visits where she was playful with the kids and just had fun with us.

So you can imagine our shock and heartbreak when Mommie went to be with the Lord in Jan.
82 years young.

She passed peacefully at home. In her room. The same room I grew up in.

And though I know that she is made whole and no longer in pain or suffering, i can only think of the irony that in order for her to be made whole, our hearts must be broken.

And broken we are.

Its taken me over 2 months to get to the point where I could write again. She deserved for me to do this way sooner. But then, everything she deserves she now has in eternity.

And its only in the thoughts of her in eternity, reunited with Daddy, in the presence of Jesus himself that I find peace and comfort.

Grief is an awful, painful thing. To be given the gift of hope in the midst of grief may be a gift Im oddly grateful for in spite of never having wanted it to begin with. God is gracious to give us the promise of death being only a temporary separation. And I will cling to that word... temporary... as I look forward to seeing her again.

Christmas Night

We always spend Christmas night with Jeff's parents/family at their house. Poor Jason and Liz make the trip to see her extended family in SC in the morning and then we all meet up at Ronni and Andy's house for dinner, time together and gift exchange.

Look at how CUTE my niece is! Liz (my sister in law) always has her dressed SO cute. No exceptions!

Yeah, so I was taking pics in manual mode obviously and it took me a while to make adjustments. Indoor pics are so hard to shoot in manual! UGH! I hate learning curves ;-)

The spread of appetizers

Rhyan and Mack helped pass out the gifts but quickly wanted to start opening them instead! HA!

Avery was SO cute opening her gifts! Look at how proud she was when she got that paper off!

Ok. So be ready for about 20 pics here... I wanted one good pic with all the grandkids... but Mack wasnt cooperating at ALLLLLLLL. But Rhyan was quite compliant so we started with her... and the others joined.

And oh my... by the time Mack was on board with pics, Rhyan was about done. She tried... but the smile.

We had such a great time visiting! I didnt get a pic but we gave Andy and Ronni a Kindle and had family pics done for them early December for them as well. They are HARD to buy for, friends! But worth trying to figure out something each year to give them something they will like :-)

And that was Christmas. Finally!