Saturday, December 1, 2012

Girls Trip (Adult Only) 2012 :-)

My life was seriously shaped by a group of girls with whom I shared my teenage years... we all met at PGBC (Pleasant Grove Baptist Church); aka "The Grove" :-) Well, except April... we've been friends since kindergarten! We try to take a girls trip each year and we average every other year. What can i say? We all lead busy lives!

This year, I was SO excited to head out on our trip! Its been a busy/crazy year so far around here with Mommie's health, the kids being sick, Jeff in his masters degree, etc. So i was more than ready for a break! I told Jeff about the trip and asked him if he was ok with it and he was so supportive :-) What a guy! (dont give him TOO much credit, though... he keeps up with my girls trips to justify his own trips later... haha... earning "brownie points" i guess!)

We decided to go to Pigeon Forge. April recently moved to Tennessee, near nashville, so this was a good meeting point. So Linds and I decided to leave Thursday night and head on up to Angela's house (she lives in Greer, SC) and ride the rest of the way with her Friday morning :-)

I had warned Linds that if we didnt get to Angelas house in time, I would probably be listening to the VP debate on the radio. She was thrilled ;-) lol. So she brought her headphones. Well, it ended up being the longest trip ever to SC. CFA demanded we stop and get milkshakes on the ride and then I'm pretty sure I drove THE speed limit the entire way (after getting the speeding ticket in valdosta the weekend before there was NO way I was speeding!) so it took a while! We did listen to a little of the debate, but only 20 min or so!

We enjoyed a short evening visit before hitting the hay. The next morning we headed out and hit up our MUST HAVE breakfast place... The Cracker Barrell. Mmmmmm
As you can tell, my breakfast was just awful... so i ate all but 3 bites to show my disgust ;-)
We also got a "taste" of what it is like to share coffee. I had forgotten that between the 3 of us, we require massive amounts of sugar and creamer!
Our next stop was the "discount dillards" as Angela calls it. Man, we racked up! I got a few cute dresses and sweaters for me, the pink bed in a bag for Rhyan and 14 (yes, 14) shirts for Jeff. They are the collared polo shirts that he wears daily to work and were on sale for $1.99 or $2.99 each. STEAL!

I was supposed to document our every stop in pics, but forgot to get a pic of dinner. We met up with April for italian (yum) and then headed on to the house (Angelas husbands cousin has a house there that we rented) to get settled. I really, really wanted a fire but Ang couldnt figure out how to get the gas pilot light to come on? I had to snap a pic, anyways :-)
We stayed up talking for a while and then packed it in for a good nights sleep :-)
It was a great 1st day!

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