Friday, December 21, 2012

Parents Trip: Day 3


Meaning: Jeff had to get up WAY before ANYONE should EVER be up so he could get prepped for his run. And meaning that I ended up WAY too early to drive his toosh to where the race started.

The upside: getting back to the hotel in time to watch the sun rise over this beautiful ocean!

I cranked up the hotel coffee pot and made myself a cup, had some quiet time with Gods Word and soaked it all in... wow... it was so quiet and peaceful. Perfection. I adore my children, of course, but I am NOT a morning person. I prefer to have my quiet time in the morning but they already wake so early that I just cant bring myself to get up any earlier. Besides, everyone talks about how Jesus spent time with his father "in the morning" and uses this as a reason that we should do the same, however, in the jewish calendar, a new day starts at sun SET, not sun rise... so "technically" my night time devotionals ARE "in the morning". Follow? ;-)

I got ready and just HAD to take a pic of the fact that it IS possible for me to have decent hair while at the beach. There is almost NO humidity in october at the beach. Its perfect!
I was worried about finding a parking spot near the end of the race to pick up Jeff, but I didnt have a problem at all! In fact, I came to this cross walk area JUST as Jeff ran past!! Awesome!
And this is how I found him when he was all done :-) Wiped out! haha!
This guy was juggling all kinds of stuff. Jeff can actually juggle quite well (random coolness!) but not different objects I dont think!

We decided to grab some breakfast at a nearby pancake house and then got tickets to ride THIS BEAST!

I'm not afraid of heights. At all. But being in a glass case THIS high was a bit breath taking :-) It was INCREDIBLE!!!! And since it was early in the morning, still, and they werent busy, they gave us an extra cycle. YAY!

We went back to the hotel and just relaxed for a while. We actually swam for a long while in the indoor pool and hot tub (great for Jeff's sore legs!) and just talked and had fun. Then, we decided to watch a movie. We almost never watch movies at home (in a movie theater). We typically have grandparents as sitters (grateful!!) and we dont want to take advantage or leave them too long. So we typically opt for dinner OR a movie, but not both. And we usually go for dinner b/c i hate to cook :-) We saw Taken 2. It was good! I love Liam though and am easy to please in the movie department.

We walked around the area for a while and sat on a swing by this little pond near a recreational area. The kids would have LOVED it! (reminder to self next time we go as a family). There were these geese there that the kids would have loved, too! I got some video of them... I wanted to touch them but they hiss and scared me :-)

I worked hard to talk Jeff into eating at my personal favorite: The Captains Boathouse. Omg. They have the BEST crab cakes I've ever had. And the shrimp and grits are incredible. So I get an appetizer of both :-)
We decided to go find something for the 'rents as a thank you for taking care of the kids for us so we headed to Barefoot Landing. We totally didnt realize/think about the fact that it was a sunday.... the whole place was practically shut down! Just a reminder that there are still some conservative areas in the south :-) One store was open, though, so we found a gift for them... but we had to laugh at our lack of planning!

We finished off the evening with an icecream at DQ and a trip to Wal-mart. Livin on the wild side, I tell ya!
Back to the hotel and in bed by 10, 90% packed and ready to head home to see our babies the next morning!

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