Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Real Time

I have to take a break from catching up for some important things.

Several of my favorite people are pregnant. Its exciting to see friends of mine go through pregnancy because it brings back so many sweet memories for me of my own time expecting. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful gift in the world...  and getting to share that time with my friends, sharing experiences... its fun!!!

My friend at work, Kerri, is expecting her first child! I swear, I've waited for this baby longer than she has! HA! Ever since she got married I've been bugging gently encouraging her with sweet sayings like "you're not getting any younger!" ;-) Ahhh... we love each other. So its ok. HA! She is 12 weeks and tomorrow is her genetic ultrasound to detect any kinds of issues. If you think of it, I know she would appreciate prayers for a healthy baby.

And then there is Ashlyn. I've known Ashlyn since she was about 10 years old I think. Oh my. I sound OLD! Trust me, though... she is a "baby having a baby" I like to say. She and Josh got married last April and knew immediately that they wanted to start a family. She is now 24? weeks preggo... and her story is one I'd like to ask each person reading this to seriously pray for.

Ashlyn and Josh were enjoying her pregnancy like any young couple... until her 20 week ultrasound. 

At 20 weeks, her Dr detected some abnormalities in baby murphy's heart and recommended that she see a specialist. Our small group from church assured her, as did everyone else, that more than likely it was something that would resolve itself and to try not to worry too much.

Boy, were we wrong.

Baby Murphy has been diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot with Absent Pulmonary Valve Syndrome. 

At first, she and Josh were under the impression that the baby would require surgery but that his prognosis was very good. But as of this last Dr's visit, they have learned differently.

These friends of mine are young. 21 and 24. Their faith is strong and by no means do I mean to insinuate that their age makes them incapable of handling this type of situation/trial... but I just think of my own self at 21 years old and think "wow. i dont know how i would handle that". As in any situation, God's grace and strength are sufficient... but as any parent can imagine, this is just an impossible situation.

Please keep up with her blog at www.themurphyfamilygrows.blogspot.com and PLEASE commit to pray for this sweet family and this precious baby. She shares her raw emotions on her blog, for which I am grateful. She is so brave, even though she feels weak and scared. She is this little baby's best defender and greatest protect... besides his Creator. Her body and heart are hard at work... and both are exhausted. Would you please pray?

Thank you

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