Friday, January 18, 2013

Halloween Day!

It was pretty cool this year because Dr Cohen went out of town the last week in October. So Dr Levine (his new associate whom we all love! and I worked a couple of days but I was OFF on Halloween this year. FUN!

So we started the morning with some ghostly pancakes. I bought a shake and pour bottle of pancakes (lazy? whatever... i add my own stuff and they taste better than my homemade ones... which, admittedly, doesnt take much) and added a little pumpkin spice, vanilla extract and some mini chocolate chips. HINT: the chocolate chips just sunk to the bottom of the bottle :-( So next time i do this i will wait until i'm ready to pour and will just sprinkle them in as I pour. Anyhoo, this was all freehand, so they looked more like feet :-)
Till I added the chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth, anyways! HA! Cute, right?! Thanks, pintrest!
So I was feeling creative and decided to freehand a momma and baby pumpkin. Rhyan LOVED it!

Ronni had bought Rhyan this cute halloween shirt an I wanted a pic of her in it, but this is all I could get...
For lunch, Tracy had loaned to me some halloween-ish cookie cutters that I put to use. We enjoyed cat and bat pb&j sandwiches, chips and grapes :-) It's hard to tell in the pic, but they were pretty cute!

Then, that evening we hit the streets! We were on the prowl for some CANDY!!! Because Mama and Daddy need it to keep up with these babies ;-). We headed to Mama's and Mommie's houses first...

We tried to get a good pic of Mommie with the kids but Mack wasnt really having it! He wanted down!

When we first got there, Mommie was dressed up as a witch. Rhyan did NOT like it. She wouldnt have anything to do with her until she took her costume off! Then, she was fine!

When we got back home, we were on the go! Rhyan was GREAT about saying "trick or treat" and "Thank you!" this year. She seemed to REALLY have fun and wanted to go to every door in the neighborhood. When we first started off we stayed on our little street... lots of neighbors were out and Jeff chatted while Rhyan and I went door-to-door and Mackey walked around a bit.
But around the time that we headed up to go off our street, Tracy, Kevin, Elijah, Lydia, Lindy, Jon and Luke came rolling up! YAY! We always love their halloween visit! :-) So we finished out the neighborhood with Mack in a stroller and the rest of the kids walking. I really enjoyed it!! Lydia is SUCH a little mommy to my babies and she took right up with Rhyan and of course Rhyan was stuck right by Lydias side.

When we got back to our street, it was TIME to be done for Mack. I think it was after 8pm and he's normally in bed at 7pm (then, anyways). So Rhyan continued on with Tracy and the kids and we came on back to put a tired little boy to bed...

I love this years pic! Elijah was wearing a scary mask but my kids were scared of him so he took it off for the pic (which was sweet... but then, he's a really sweet kid!)

We had a GREAT day and I had a lot of fun being home with the kids. These kinds of days make me REALLY wish I were a stay at home mom... (and there are plenty of others that make me REALLY glad that I work 3 days a week! HA!)

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