Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dacula Halloween Festival

Dacula decided to do a Halloween Festival this year... I know... EEEEEK!

We invited Mommie to come along and was so glad she felt up for it! It started off cool but the night ended up down right chilly! We headed on up to Dacula around 5pm... Mommie and our little Rapunzel... pan and all! (she walked around saying "I will use this!")
Farmer Jeff and our little Tiger... ROAR! :-) Side note: for a few weeks leading up to Halloween, we kept asking Mack "What does a tiger say?" and he would say "QUACK QUACK!". LOL. A quacking tiger. Luckily, the week OF halloween he suddenly started roaring :-)
So pretty much the most exciting part of the night was the outhouse race. There were a few groups/restaurants who competed. It was all one at a time and a timed event. There was someone in the outhouse holding toilet paper, 2 people pushing and someone on the outside pulling the toilet paper. Thing is, if the toilet paper broke they had to stop and get it started again. That part was annoying!

So, since we were pretty bored and hungry, we blew that popscicle stand and headed to my aunt Shlaine's church (which happens to be our OLD church... where we went as teens and got married!) for their festival and trunk or treat. They had free chili. And they had me at "free" :-) More on that later!

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