Monday, October 29, 2012

Mckinnon: 15 months

Almost 2 months late... better late than never, right?! ugh!

My little Mack Man is 15 months old! (well, WAS)
I'd just like to say that the up-side to me posting this really late is that I now have some perspective about him :-) There you go, seeing the positive!

Height- 33.25inches (94%)
Weight- 25lbs 1.1oz (56%) 
Head- 17.75inches (25%)

Moral of the stats? He's tall, average weight and has a tiny head :-) HA! He's scrumptious, y'all!!
Mack, you are learning and growing and changing so much! And we are soaking up every minute of you!

At 15 months you are:
-saying "uh oh" A LOT!
-also saying Mama, Dada, Rhy Rhy, WOW!, ohhhhhhh!, shoes, sock, "side" (outside), and "shish" (fish)
-shaking your head "no" and saying "uh uh" to pretty much everything we ask. i swear, you seem to carry on a conversation. 
-continuing to LOVE spud. 
-running around and climbing on EVERYTHING! coffee tables, couches, chairs, etc... on the up side, you teach yourself really well how to get down and rarely fall! (quite agile!)
-in a size 4 diaper in the day, size 5 at night
-eating anything and everything but you could eat grapes specifically till you puke! haha
-wearing size 18 months clothes in everything now, although some pants are a little long
-finally, you quit picking your nose all the time! hooray!
-taking ONE nap a day, from 12:30-about 3-3:30 each day! (LOVE one nap a day!)
-pointing at everything, wanting to know what it is
-FINALLY letting us brush your teeth without starting WWIII :-) I love you, buddy, but you are ridiculous when you dont want to do something. You fight like someone is trying to kill you! So, this is huge!
We had to bite the bullet around 13 months and just go down to one nap a day. We did so after our summer vacation so he was actually about 13.5 months old (the beach wears him out too much to try to go down while we were there, although the first nap not being critical was AWESOME b/c we could just let him nap on the beach for 30 min or so). When we got home and dropped to one nap, it took a good week or so to get to where he would take one LONG nap. We also were dealing w/ needing to go back to consistency with night time routine/bedtime... all things get off whack when you're vacationing. Or is that just me?! :-)

Rough Schedule:
7amish up for the day
8am breakfast
we arent doing much independent play this summer, but he's playing GREAT on his own!
11:30 lunch
12:30 nap
3-3:40 up from nap, small snack
5:30-6 dinner
bath/ bed at 7pm.

And just like that, "TA DA", you were 15 months old!

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