Friday, November 9, 2012


These pics dont really have a post for themselves; they are pretty random :-) So, I'm putting them all here!

Mack's "bad face" continues to make us laugh! Sorry about the pink bib, buddy!
Out of the last 7 weeks, Mack has had an ear infection for close to 5 of those weeks and is currently dealing with a virus that we are pretty sure is leading to yet another ear infection :-( He went through a phase of HATING to take medicine, but who can blame him with all of this!?!?! Ibuprofen for fever/pain. Antibiotic for infection. Benedryl at night to clear congestion. Numbing ear drops. Vicks vapor rub for his cough. Saline spray to help dry congestion. Oh my!
I also recently did an Advocare 24 day challenge. I have been eating healthier and Im pretty pumped to say that I am now BELOW pre Rhyan weight and back into ALL my old pre-pregnancy clothes! Most of which I got rid of last winter because I had resided to the idea of never losing the baby weight. Bummer! 
I'll do a full post on the challenge soon, but I'll say that I was pretty pleased with the products.... enough so that I decided to become a distributor (so I could get a discount). LOVE IT!
Before my sister in law went back to work from maternity leave, we met up a couple of times for lunch... and I got to spend time with my precious niece! Avery Elizabeth, you are a DOLL BABY!!!!!
I love that my hubby is such a great daddy :-) He plays with our kids and is so imaginative/fun! Good thing, because I'm all about cooking/cleaning/doing baths/reading/singing... in other words, things that dont require an imagination! They need him!
My sweet friend, Karen, turned 40 this year! Doesnt she look FABULOUS!?!?!
I love that my Mommie has been doing better and that Mack is getting to spend time getting to know his Mayer! What a sweet blessing!
And of course he loves spending time with his Grammy!

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