Monday, November 19, 2012


I met Emily in the blog world first, then on facebook and eventually in REAL LIFE a few years ago! She is actually from Lawrenceville and graduated from Central Gwinnett (although a few years behind Jeff... we wont talk about how many years...). We instantly bonded over our mutual love for babywise and have been great friends since. I've always loved that Emily is honest and sincere and what you see is what you get. Thats rare! And something i TREASURE about our friendship :-)

She has visited "home" several times since we first met and while I've talked about visiting her, I've just never found time... or made time really. Which makes me sad! My BFF (Angela) moved away to Greer, SC and I've tried to make it a point to visit her every year just once even... I feel like that for those friends who are from here and move away, they make time to come home and visit friends but its got to feel a little one sided at times because they are always putting in effort to see us and not the other way around. So, I wanted Emily to know that i love her and treasure her and wanted that to translate into effort, you know. Because that means something to people! :-) Hope that all makes sense!

We had planned a whole family trip in September but, honestly, a 4 hour drive is a long way to only visit for a short weekend. Plus, Jeff was super busy with his masters degree... so Rhyan and I decided to make it a girls trip! I knew Rhyan would have a blast with Kye... and I gotta say, they did not disappoint! I'm so glad she came with me. I had a GREAT time spending some quality one-on-one time with my girl! Plus, it gave my boys some time to bond, as well!!!

Rhyan and I headed out on Friday morning and got to Emily's house (in Valdosta) around 1pm. We stopped on the way down for lunch at DQ and really just enjoyed each other's company. Rhyan really is such a sweet, kind baby girl! And she's funny! Even on the ride, we had fun :-)

As soon as we got to Emily's, Rhyan announced that it was her nap time and that she needed a nap. No shocker for me... that is TOTALLY Rhyan! So we set her up on a blow up mattress in the bathroom and she took her nap. Emily's kids were already napping. It made for a great start for the weekend.... some girl time to just sit around and chat!

When the kids got up, we took advantage of the swimming pool! Rhyan was so excited that they have a pool in their own back yard!!! Kye impressed us with his mad swimming skills and I've got to say, he really is SO good at it!

LOVE these two cuties!
I, on the other hand, was a little freaked out at how normal it is for them to find random frogs hanging out in their pool. Um, eww! I'm a tom girl and all, but i do NOT dig frogs.

Even Brittlyn joined us!!

Zach came home while the kids and I were swimming and explained that the vacuum thing wasnt turned on somehow?! Hence the frog. haha. I was glad he got it turned on... that pool was clean in NO time!
Emily and Britt had gone in to work on dinner so Kye, Rhyan and I stayed out and played a little longer and I got to get to know Zach a little (um, a little embarrassing to meet him for the first time while i'm in the POOL!) He is super nice and it was great to get to meet in real life, too!

When we came in, we ate dinner and then got the kids in the bath. When Jeff saw this pic he was all "what? Rhyan doesnt need to be in the bath with a boy!". lol. So protective :-) They had a blast!

After we got the kids in bed, Emily and I stayed up talking way too late :-)
The next morning, Rhyan and I woke to the smell of WAFFLES!!! Oh my word, yum!

Zach's parents own a good bit of land and do some farming. We had the option to go visit and "help" Mr Rusty (Zach's dad) plan some mustard greens, but after chatting, Emily and I decided to keep everything low key and just hang at the house with the kids. So, instead, the kids enjoyed a Saturday morning movie: The Lion King. I swear, Kye has watched all Disney movies... but Rhyan has only seen 2, i think So this was a new one for her. I was scared that she would be upset about Mufassa dying... but have no fear, it is now her FAVORITE movie. She loves "Fiki" the Baboon and all the "Hiney's" ;-)

After nap we decided to take the kids to "Jumpin' Jacks"... whoa. That place was a MAD HOUSE! There were tons of "jumpy's" but also tons of kids... 12 birthday parties that day!?!?!

Rhyan was having a blast... until... (theres always an "until" with a preschooler, right?!) a boy threw a ball and pegged her in the head. The kid's parent was sitting right there and said NOTHING. So I said something along the lines of "excuse me, young man. does this look like a football arena to you? you owe my little girl an apology." And after he apologized I said "keep that ball to yourself of it'll be mine". The mom just stood there. LOSER! Grrr....
Then we hit up this AWESOME bbq place. Oh my word, it was yummy. Brittlyn agreed :-)

We drove separate cars (b/c of carseats) so when we drove back in the neighborhood, Rhyan and I drove around a little and checked out some of the homes. I found a few i loved....
THIS is my dream home, i think. I'd love to build this somewhere one day. It totally reminds me of home, too... where I grew up..
Rhyan loved their dogs! (Such an animal lover!)
After the kids went to bed that night, Zach let us girls go out to get fro yo. This was my FIRST time experiencing fro yo! And i loved it! And apparently, so does Em! This was her cup...
... and mine! HA!

I was super excited for this little outing b/c I got to meet another blog/face book turned real life friend... Crissy Megow! We had a great time chatting!
The next morning, the Parkers got ready for church and Rhyan and I packed up and headed home. We had enjoyed such a wonderful time with our friends!

On the way back home, I found myself driving too fast several times... I swear, you just dont feel how fast you're going in my van! And, I ended up getting a ticket :-( Boo! Jeff and Zach BOTH said "why werent you using your cruise control". Gah... men! I hate using cruise control! But, I do see the value. I'd say its worth about $282 ;-) Still, totally worth it to visit our friends! (Btw, the last speeding ticket I got was coming home from none other than Greer to see Angela... trying to be a good friend is EXPENSIVE! lol)

We were going to stop at "Old McDonalds" for lunch, but it was closed for renovations?! So I thought Burger King would be good. So we parked and rhyan said, "no mommy! we need to go see the duck!". I followed her and she led us across the parking lot to ZAXBYS :-) Love that girl!

Where's Rhyan?!

Her attempt at a WINK! LOL

Even Monkey got in on the camera action!
I had such a WONDERFUL time visiting Emily on her turf. Getting to know her kids (omg, they are ADORABLE!) and husband (very funny guy!). Getting time with my sweet girl! I would do it all over again... and I just might again next year! ;-)

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