Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Corn Dawgs 2012

We LOVE Corn Dawgs! Although it can be a bit on the expensive side (is it just me or has everything gotten ridiculous these days?!!?! )its a ton of fun! Typically, we go with my Mommie and Mama and sometimes Jonathan, but this year we were a little light... just the 4 of us. 

We started out on the slides... which Mack, of course, loved! Rhyan did, too, but she went solo. Such a big girl!!! Btw, Mack's hair CRACKS ME UP here!

My baby girl and me at the top of the slide
Then, we headed to the rock maze.

Then we were off to the cow ride... Mack insisted on riding but isnt old enough to ride by himself so guess who got to ride with him? Yeah... Jeff wouldnt fit in the barrell. Nice. I was SO cramped! HA!
The things we do for our kids :-)

Hello Lips ;-)

My sweet girl riding this big girl bike! Too fun!

And off to the playground for mack... the boy loves his slides!

There was this one really, really steep slide that we wanted her to try but honestly, it was steep! So she was brave enough to try it if Daddy helped her. Fun! 
Btw, my man has some buff forearms :-) What a stud.
This was the first time that Mack walked up the steps like a big boy! No hands and feet... Feet ONLY!
... and off to the flying pigs!!! This cracks me up!
This was Mack's first year getting to ride the baby zip line. He was, of course, a fan! That boy will try ANYTHING! Such a daredevil!

And this will probably be Rhyan's last year on the baby zip line. My baby is getting big!
Ok, funny/sad story here.... The kids wanted a picture I wanted a pic of the kids on the tractor. So, annoyed as he was, Jeff agreed to help me pose the kids. I snapped this pic and maybe 2 seconds later Mack fell forward and busted his face on the steering wheel. NICE!
Gotta love Farmer Jeff and his skills
Like Father like Daughter
The petting zoo is seriously the BEST part, though. My whole family (um, maybe minus me?) is a HUGE animal lover! Jeff, for one, cant get enough. And the kids are following in his footsteps.
This little lady was VERY pregnant and didnt move. At all. No matter how many kids/husbands annoyed her :-)

Mack KISSED it! Totally reminded me of when Rhyan kissed the pig last year. These kids!

Yeah, that poor donkey was about to get a BIG Mack hug :-)
She wanted SO badly to pet the pig, but the pig wasnt having it. There was a lot of chasing :-)

So, instead we headed to the poor, helpless chicks. I was encouraging the kids to pet them very, very gently and with two fingers. I looked around and Mack had picked one up. By the head.
Hmmm... he is ALL BOY.

Next, he headed to the rabbits den and literally pulled that poor thing by the leg and ear and tail trying to get it to come out of the house. Poor rabbit. I was so afraid he was going to get BIT! The rabbit was more than gracious, is all i can say!

I was so excited for Mack to try the Corn Pit. Rhyan hated it her first year but LOVES it now... but i figured Mack would love it from the start. WRONG! He couldnt get out fast enough!

It costs $2 additional to do the jumping pillow for kids 2 and over. You pay and they give you a bracelet for unlimited jumping.
Confession: I found a bracelet on the ground and put it on Rhyan and let her jump. Mack was free.
I'm cheap :-( But really, it costs $12 a person to get in and you want to charge my 3 year old to jump on a pillow? Ok, i'm a horrible person...

Gotta love Mack's pose  :-)

Rhyan wore me out, running back and forth!

Seriously, he climbs ALL. THE. TIME. (its exhausting and hilarious)

After checking out the pumpkin patch, we attempted a family pic!

OH YEAH! I forgot to mention that it WAS just the 4 of us until my mom bombed the party! HA!
Rhyan wanted her to come. Its not close but my crazy mama drove all the way out there just because Rhyan asked. Spoiled much?
LOL. Rhyan's face! AND Macks!

Idk WHAT was so interesting?!?!

Looking at Grammy... haha

Well, i tried to get a pic of us...
And Rhyan refused. Its her thing, lately.

LOL!  I love how Rhyan is checking on her passengers!


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